Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A small adventure...

My brother is stationed in Germany with the Army. But his car is still here. His car has been here in the shop to be exact. Last week (before Brett's trip) we went to pick it up to discover the battery was dead. (Yes, the shop neglected to check that before telling us to come pick it up). So it sat there for a week while Brett was gone. Last night we went and got the car and brought it back to our apartment. Brett then checked the battery, we went to Walmart to get a new battery for the car and then after the kids were in bed Brett put the new battery in. After all this he realized that the car had NO gas and he was supposed to drive it to work the next day.
So he left to fill it up. 10 minutes later he was back at the house because he had forgotten his wallet. 10 minutes after that he was back at the house again because he had gotten distracted when he came back the first time and actually forgot his wallet AGAIN. 10 minutes after that he called me because he had run out of gas on the way to the gas station.
SO...I had to run over to the neighbors house to ask her to sit with the kids (who were asleep) so that I could go get him or take him to the gas station or whatever. By the time I got to where Brett was stalled there was a cop there who informed us that one person needed to stay with the car while the other person went to get a gas can. That elected person was me. So in my pj's and SLIPPERS and all my bedtime glory I had to go to the gas station, explain what I needed, buy a gas can and fill it. Yes, some nice man took pity on me and asked if I needed help. Of course, being the independent woman that I am, I informed him that I was actually bailing out my husband, who had ran out of gas, but that I really did appreciate his offer. Mind you, this was about 10 pm.
So finally, after taking the 1 gallon of gas to Brett and following him to the station to make sure he actually made it there this time we both managed to get home. My poor neighbor. She was such a good sport about hanging out in my messy, toy ridden, mom-is-lucky-to-get-a-shower-much-less-clean-the-kitchen house.
That was my adventure for the week.

Pictures from the park last weekend...
Phoenix gets the raw deal...he just has to sit and watch his sister have all the fun.

And fun she has!!

Oh man, does this girl make me laugh!

Hanging out with dad and holding "da Brudder"

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