Monday, August 25, 2008

I feel like I have to keep apologizing for not being around lately. I really AM sorry I'm not making it to very many of your sites. One day I'll catch up on everything. I'm feeling very worn out and stressed right now. I think it's just because of everything, saying good bye to my brother, having my parents here (...which in and of itself is a joy but I tend to put Zadie down for bed later at night and she doesn't get as good of naps so then after mom and dad leave she's tired and crabby for awhile...MY fault), having a messy house that I'm struggling to find the time and energy to clean, Brett's stressed out at work right now and then to top things off I just am not feeling all that great. Ok, really I'm not THAT stressed...I just feel kind of worn down. One really bright point in my life right now is that I have a really sweet friend that I've gotten to know over the last few months and she is SUCH a blessing to me. She loves the kids and is almost always free to come help me out or drive me to a doctor appointment or something if I need her to. AND we click. We just get along. I love friends like that.

Phoenix is on his 3rd medication for his ear infections. He's really had a rough couple of weeks. I'm giving him the meds RELIGIOUSLY and am really praying that this takes care of the infections for good. Poor little guy, he's felt pretty awful lately. He's still up several times a night too which is wearing us out. We've really been wanting to do the sleep training with him but we can't start it until I know he's feeling good. He's also six months old this week! When I had him at the doctor last week he weighed in at over 20 lbs!!! Yes, I said 20 lbs. No wonder my back keep going out. My chiropractor asked me last week if I was going out and playing football after he adjusts me. Apparently carrying Phoenix around is not helping out my back.

Last night it was crazy here...we had about 4 tornados right by our house...Brett could see them from the parking lot!! I got pretty stressed but we are all fine and no buildings right by us were damaged (there was some damage in other parts of town). I didn't take these pictures, but I thought you might like to see them...they are of one of the tornados that was right by our house last night...

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inquisitive said...

hey nome. those tornados are crazy! insane! i'm so glad they didn't come too close to you guys. did z. see them? i'm praying for you guys and for poor little p and his ears. :( sad. i'm gonna put A.I. pics!
love you!