Friday, July 25, 2008

There are certain moments in time that stand out as really good memories. For me, most of the time, they are not anything that would look special to someone who doesn't know me or my life. I just had one of those moments with Zadie. I got Phoenix down for a nap (not the easiest of chores) and had ordered a pizza to be delivered. Pizza is one of Zadie's favorite things to eat. Once the pizza got here Zadie and I sat in the rocking chair and ate pizza and watched "Finding Nemo". We even had a burping contest. During moments like this I not only really really enjoy my daughter (or whatever kid it is) but I look at her and really wonder what I did that I deserved to be blessed with her. The answer is "nothing". I don't deserve them...God's just cool like that!


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Meri said...

Your kiddos are so beautiful, mama!!

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