Friday, March 21, 2008

All's quiet...

It's almost 8 am and Zadie and Phoenix are both still sleeping! This is really unusual...Zadie never sleeps this late. She did go to bed a bit late last night so she must just be really tired! Why and I up you ask? Well, I had to change Phoenix and finish feeding him (Brett started feeding him), and then Brett locked himself out of the house without his keys so I had to get up and let him back in. By that time I was up for here I am! I thought I'd take the chance to update you on yesterday...
Yesterday was my first outing with both kids by myself! I had a dr's appointment in the morning so I got my brother to watch Zadie so I could shower and get ready. Then I loaded up the kids and headed to the doctor. Zadie is finally starting to feel better and she was SO good. After that I was feeling really brave so the three of us headed to Kohl's. I had Brett put the double stroller in the trunk before he left for work so at Kohl's I put the kids in the stroller and we did a little shopping. Again, Z. was really goodheartbeat ...and of course Phoenix slept the whole time. Then we came home, played outside, took a nap (not me, just the kids) and then loaded up again so I could go to my Chiropractor appointment before heading up to pick up Brett from work. I can tell that I'm more tired today (that's the most I've done in one day since having Phoenix) but it felt good to be out and it was good to know that I can do it without help and have it be a GOOD time out. icon_clapping
On Sunday the four of us are driving up to Winter Park to spend Easter with my aunt, uncle and cousins. They live in Wisconsin (at the camp that I grew up on) and are out here for a ski vacation. They have a condo in Winter Park for the weekend so we are going to head up there. I don't think Brett or I will do any skiing or anything but it will be really fun to see them. My aunt hasn't seen Zadie since she was about 4 months old and none of them have met Phoenix yet. I'm excited about the weekend. icon_mrgreen

too sleepy to burp!

Zadie...I love looking up old pictures of her. On one hand Phoenix reminds me a lot of Zadie, and on the other hand he totally looks like his own person to me.



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