Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday Stuff..

It's only 7:30 and she's already started the wailing and crying. I'll write more later today if I get the chance...

So after that initial melt down Zadie has been better this morning. Of course that could be because I gave her baby advil and her cough medicine. I haven't been giving her the cough medicine that much the last few days because she had so much medicine all last week...I hate feeling like I'm doping her up. (her doctor told me to give it all to her, but you know what I mean...) It's 10:00...in about an hour I'll put her down for her nap...Hopefully I can convince her and Phoenix to sleep at the same time so that I can rest a little bit too. Last night wasn't as good as a lot of nights have been...Phoenix wanted to eat every two hours and then was restless. Of course being the worry wart that I am I hear every single little noise so I didn't really sleep that well. I know we won't be sleepless forever but sometimes it sure feels like it! Brett let me go to bed early and he brought Phoenix later. He's tired today because Phoenix was wide awake and wanting to eat non stop until late last night...I'm going to try to get us both to bed early tonight (or should I say all three of us?).

Well, Zadie is changing and growing so fast! She is now putting two words together! My personal favorite saying is "Whiny Butt!" Ha ha...yes, when she's super whiny and annoying I tell her "Zadie, can you say Whiny Butt?" ...and she does!! Someday as an adult she'll probably hate me for that. Her two new phrases that she says on her own are "cough cough!" (you can guess why she says that) and "cry cry!"...which she says when her coughing makes her cry. Her vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds...she'll try to say just about everything you ask her to and is pretty good at it too! She also says/signs "Love you!" too :happy:

Brett's cousin sent us a double stroller! This is the first ride...you can't see Phoenix, but he is in his car seat all covered up...it's still cold here!

This morning Zadie jumped on the stroller and started making "Vroom! Vroom!" noises! Um...do you all think I might have a biker chick on my hands?? (I promise...I didn't pose her like this!!) This is also probably the first real smile I've seen in a week and a half...I hope that means she's on the mend!

My sweet boy...

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