Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Adventures in Motherhood...

The other day I took Zadie to Walmart with me. We parked the van and she was holding my hand while we walked through the parking lot. She must have been really excited because in the blink of an eye she broke away from me and started running towards the store. I grabbed her as quickly and as tightly as I could. I squatted down by her and pointed out the cars while explaining to her that if she didn't hold my hand they could run her over and it would make me so very sad. I didn't swat her bottom...she wasn't being wilful or naughty...she was just being a (almost) 2 year old with a 3 second attention span. She just got excited and ran. I don't remember my exact words to her, but I apparently made a really big impression...she must have seen the fear in my face. The whole time we were at Walmart and on the way home she talked to herself saying "Cars over. Cars over." I don't believe in scaring my kids...but I wanted her to understand that the cars could run her over...and boy did I get through to her! We also practice stopping and checking for cars when we walk to the mailbox. I always get down on my knee and make her look both directions before walking across the "street" (in our parking lot). On Sunday we (the 4 of us) were coming out of church. Of course Brett and I had already made sure that no cars were coming before we crossed the parking lot, but Zadie yanked on my hand and made me stop short. She said to me "Look cars. Look cars." which basically means "Look for cars before you walk, mommy!". I'm so proud of that girl!!

When I picked her up at the nursery on Sunday the lady said to me "She is SO smart! She knows the whole routine we do with the clipboard and signing her in...she made sure I did it right!"

My sweet boy (who is currently napping on my bed)...

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