Monday, June 16, 2008

"My Dad Rocks!"

Yesterday Brett had to leave early (6:30am) for church since he plays in worship band. When the kids and I got there for the 10 am service Zadie was wearing this shirt. Brett got a kick out of iticon_mrgreen


Yesterday's worship service at church was really good. First of all the music was really great. Zadie cried when I tried to drop her off at the nursery (which she never does) I ended up bringingher back with me for the music. She loved it. I held her most the time and she clapped her hands and sang along in her 2 year old way. I told Brett that if she falls in love with a rock star some day it's all his fault. The sermon was really good too. It was on Men (dad's mostly) and leadership...really a wonderful sermon. if you are interested in hearing it you can get the podcast on iTunes. Just look up 'Plum Creek Community Church'. Really, our pastor is a wonderful speaker. It's so great to wake up on Sunday mornings excited to go to church.

The rest of the day was relaxing and good. Sometimes it's just really sweet to spend time together as a family.




Hold me?


Phoenix loves kisses



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