Thursday, June 5, 2008

cry baby

DSCN6930 There are so many things about the infant/baby stage that I LOVE. I love the sweetness, the baby snuggles and I love how there are so many 'firsts'. First smiles. First coo's. I love it all. I love the smell of my babies and the feel of them in my arms. I don't love the crying. Oh the crying. So far this morning Phoenix has already cried himself to sleep twice. Please don't think I'm a terrible mother. I really did try to soothe him. I bounced, I rocked, I patted, I sang. I tried everything. It leaves me feeling frustrated and stressed out. I remember a similar stage for Zadie too. It was like no matter what I did she cried. oh, a light bulb just popped on over my head. (or would have if I was a cartoon). When this happened with Zadie she was right about this was around 3 to 4 months old. For her, things got better when we changed the dose on her reflux meds. Maybe that's what he needs. I'll call his doctor this afternoon and see if we can go up on his dose of prevacid. So any of you mom's out there had a day like this lately?

In the spirit of things, here are a few crying pictures:

(drama, drama)




and a smiling pic or two just to round things out:



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