Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random Stuff

So yesterday was a pretty bad day here. I don't know what was wrong with Phoenix but he spent all day having melt downs. He would start crying for no reason that I could tell and would get hysterical until eventually he would wear himself out. He did this several times. None of the regular stuff worked. I tried rocking him, patting his butt, feeding him, changing his diaper, just holding him and anything else I could think of. I guess his reflux could be acting up, but he wasn't spitting up which is usually the first sign that it's hurting him. I sure hope today goes better. Poor Zadie, she got ignored a lot yesterdayshrug

I did manage to get a few cute pictures of Phoenix...

I'm done Mom, no more pictures.

Then I realized that even though he's only 2.5 months old he is actually wearing the same outfit that Zadie wore at 6 months old. Here's a couple pics of her in the outfit.
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Does that tell you something about what a chunk he is??
Ok, here are a few pics of Zadie too. In this first picture I was trying to get her to sit by Nick so I could get a picture of the two of them. Of course she wouldn't cooperate. She still looks adorable though.

Zadie's latest thing is dresses. She LOVES wearing dresses and asks to put them on every single day. My mom has been watching the thrift stores for cute dresses and she sent this one with my sister this weekend. Zadie was already dressed (you can see her shorts in one of the pictures) but she made me put this dress on her anyway. I trimmed her bangs yesterday too...they look cute in these pictures :happy:

We also got her some new shoes this week. We tried on about a million pairs but kept coming back to these. They are boys shoes but the are the only ones that stayed on her feet and that she could run and walk in well. She really just needed some shoes for playing outside this summer. She need dress shoes too but I haven't found any that I'm crazy about yet.

So...I'm pretty excited that David Cook won American Idol! I honestly thought that David Archuletta would win, but I was pulling for Cook. Ok, Phoenix is awake and Zadie is jumping on the bed in her room so I should probably get going. Hope you all have a good Thursday!

I just had to put these two pics side by side...I can't believe how much they look alike!!
m72812460 DSCN6908

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