Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Well, Brett's parents left yesterday. It was a short visit (Sat. to Tues.) but it was really good. We didn't do a whole lot. On Saturday they took us out for an early dinner for Brett's birthday. Then on Sunday we went to church. Brett played (yes, he's playing regularly now!) so they got to see that. His dad plays Bass guitar also and was Brett's first teacher. It was sweet that he got to see Brett still playing. Then for dinner that night (after we all took naps) I made potato salad, broccoli, rolls, baked sweet potatoes, cake and we grilled steak. What a good dinner! I actually ended up going to bed pretty early on Sunday night, so that was nice. On Monday we didn't do fact the only time any of us left the house was when I took Zadie on a Walmart run with me. We cooked some more, watched movies and played with the kids. It was nice to have a visit that was relaxing. Also...Papaw drives truck and, as some of you know, Zadie is fascinated with we took some pictures of her and Papaw by the truckicon_mrgreen ok, on to the pictures.

Little girl, BIG truck!



Nana and Papaw with the kids...


Last night Brett gave Zadie her vitamins (liquid) and somehow they went down the wrong pipe and she REALLY choked on them. After we got her breathing again she just wanted daddy to rock her. So he spent probably about 1/2 an hour rocking her. She was generous enough to let Phoenix rock with them...
DSCN7065 DSCN7063

...and I have some bad news. I think my digital camera has finally bit the dust. SO that means that pictures will be few and far between (I still have my SLR but it's expensive to develop film) until we can come up with the money to replace it.
Ok, I'm off to try to make it to as many of your sites as I can with Nick is napping!

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