Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zadie Language

"Money Rat" = Bunny Rabbit
"Wamie" = Lambie
"Pee-pees" = Pizza
"Shippers" = Pictures
"Nick" = Phoenix
"Coff-keys" = Coffee
"Yeyow" = Yellow
"Back" = Burp Rag
"Mankie" = Blankie
"Pit" = Spit
"Sh*t" = Shirt
"Bop-ba" = Pacifier
"Powo" = Polo (the cat)
"Yooouuuuu" = Love you
"Sick-ik" = Music
"Pick-ews" = Pickles (which she loves)
"Puffs" = Corn Pops cereal
"Fawts" = Farts (yeah, I realize it's slightly vulgar that she even says farts)
naughty swear word that starts with an "F" = Fork

I'll add to this list today and I remember cute stuff that she saysicon_mrgreen

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