Friday, May 30, 2008

3 Months Old

Yup, Phoenix was 3 months old yesterday! I managed to get my camera to work long enough to get a few pictures. It's still on the fritz so I'm planning on taking some pictures this weekend with my SLR... Anyway, here are the few that I managed to get.

Phoenix is a super sweet boy. He likes to be held a LOT and on fussy days he hardly lets me put him down at all. Although he is getting a little better at sitting in his bouncy seat while I try to get stuff done around the house. Of course it helps that his sister is always willing to entertain him.


He's a big boy, weighing in at over 14 lbs! He also can wear the same size diapers as Zadie. In disposables he wears a size 2 and she wears a size 3 - but this next time that we buy diapers we are just buying size 3's since they fit him pretty well (not big enough to leak or anything).


Phoenix loves his daddy and his sister. I've started to notice that when they are in the room he'll start looking for them, turning his head and trying to see them. I can usually get him to smile pretty easily and it just makes my day when his face lights up when he sees me. I think he might be a little bit more serious and introspective than Zadie is, but he's still pretty young so I could be wrong about that! I sure do love my sweet boy!


...most of these were taken while we were playing outside. Or at least Zadie was playing. I was feeding Phoenix, burping Phoenix, bouncing Phoenix and just trying to keep him happy.


DSCN7112a DSCN7116


Anyway, things are going ok here. I'm really glad it's Friday...I'm ready for the weekend. Brett is playing at church again on Sunday. I love that he is able to play, but it does make things a little more difficult for me on Sunday mornings. I'll have to get up and load the kids up in the van so we can have Brett at church by 6:45 am. Then I'll head back home to get me, Zadie and Phoenix ready to leave for church by 9:30. It's not that bad...I usually strap Zadie into her high chair and put her in front of the 'Wiggles' with some toast and juice and then put Phoenix in his bouncy seat in the bathroom with me while I shower and get ready. The tricky part is when he decides to scream the whole time I'm getting ready. Getting the kids ready is the easy part...they'll have baths the night before so all I'll have to do in the morning is get them dressed (and probably wet down Zadie's hair). Anyway, it will take a little juggling, but we usually to get it together biggrin I'm wanting to take the kids to the zoo on Saturday. We've actually been wanting to for awhile, but most Saturdays for the last month or two have either been cold and rainy or we've been busy. Anyway, if we manage to go I'll try to get Nick's 3 month pictures there. I'm doing ok for the most part. I'm feeling pretty crappy, but I know it's temporary (hopefully) so I'm managing. Ok, I guess that's about it for now..I have dishes to do, diapers to wash, towels to fold and babies to take care of. I'm still trying to make it around to all your sites...don't give up on me...I won't be this busy forevericon_wink Happy Fridayicon_clapping

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inquisitive said...

yay, nome! i love the pictures! how was the zoo? i just love those ones of Z licking the spoon! haha! and of the 3 of you outside. :) so so cute!