Monday, April 21, 2008


Ok, so maybe it's a toddler thing, but I swear to you that I have the clumsiest kid ever!! Earlier this week I watched her run full force straight into a wall. She didn't even attempt to slow down! And yes, my warped sense of humor struggled to come to the surface as I stifled giggles. It's a good thing that Brett was there to pick her up and kiss her owie's! Then yesterday we were in her room getting ready for church...three times in a row she tried to leave the room and some how banged her head on the door! Three times! She's also been sporting a black eye for the last week from where she ran into the corner of the fish tank. It's faded pretty well, but you can sort of see it under her left eye in these pictures.
People probably think I abuse her with all the bruises that constantly pop up. Hopefully as she gets older and steadier on her legs her clumsiness will fade. It would be fair for her to take after me THAT much!

Ok, Phoenix is crying so I gotta run!

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inquisitive said...

oh yes i did get an awesome postcard from you! jordan and i loved it and its on our fridge. sorry, forgot to say something! :) and i hope you get a package from me tomorrow. it won't have birthday wrapping but you'll still get to open it! :)