Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's 10 am and so far I have:

~ changed 4 poopy diapers
~ changed 3 wet diapers
~ fed Phoenix 2 bottles
~ fed Zadie breakfast AND a chocolate chip cookie
~ tried to drink a cup of coffee before it got cold
~ cleaned up Zadie after she spilled my cold coffee all over herself and the floor
~ chatted with my mom online in between diaper changes, bottles and messes
~ thought about actually eating breakfast myself
~ started washing a load of diapers
~ watched part of a Veggie Tales video with Zadie
~ had a tickle session with Zadie
~ wondered if I would get a shower today

Wow, my life is so exciting (I'm being sarcastic). I'm having a hard time believing that you all are still reading this blog!

On to pictures (I know why you really come by my siteicon_mrgreen )
Zadie this morning...
DSCN6205 DSCN6197

Yesterday I let Zadie color...

...and I realized that, to her, coloring means pealing all the paper off the crayons.

Phoenix this morning...

I'm pretty sure his eyes are starting to turn blue (mine are hazle and Brett's are blue).

Well, I've started working out every night after Brett gets home from work. Our apartment complex has a workout room so I've been going far I've started with 15 min. on the Treadmill, 15 min. on the bike, sit ups and a few free weights (arms). I'm starting out pretty slow and low Lyme doc doesn't really want me working out at all but I've got to do something to get back in shape. I'm also just trying to watch what I eat...not so much a diet as just trying to eat healthy and only when I'm hungry. Hopefully these two things together will help me to start taking off the baby weight.


OHmommy said...

sounds like a perfect day in a sahm's world.


CUTE kiddos!

WileyWagon said...

LOL! My son Daniel loves to take all the paper off the crayons too. Thanks for sharing, great pictures! I love photography.

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