Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So yesterday was slightly crazy. It's partly my fault that it was nuts around here...I decided to make cookies with Zadie in the morning...even though I knew we had to be at the dr's office by 3pm. The morning went pretty smoothly but then I put Zadie down for her nap and took Phoenix in the bathroom with me so I could shower and get ready. About halfway through my shower he started screaming and crying...when this boy gets hungry he gets LOUD! And I had just fed him an hour earlier so I didn't know he was going to get hungry mid shower for me. I manage to get out of the shower and put some clothes on (but not to dry my hair or anything) and then as I take him into the living room to feed him Zadie woke up from her nap screaming and crying (I have no idea why). So I have to leave Phoenix in his bouncy seat crying while I get Zadie up and calm her down. Then I come back out to the living room to feed Phoenix and halfway through his bottle he threw it all back up on me. So now it's less than an hour before we have to leave, Brett isn't home yet, I have to change my clothes yet again, my hair is still wet, there are no clean bottles to take with us, the diaper bag isn't ready to go and neither of the kids are ready to go (clean diapers and clothes are still needed at this point). That's what Brett came home to. All that and we still managed to be 20 minutes early for our Lyme appointment. Crazy, huh?
My appointment went well, we are changing my meds around so I have a feeling I won't be feeling so well for awhile when I start them, but we'll see. Maybe I'll get lucky and not react to the meds this time! (I'm super sensitive to medications).
Ok, I'll leave you with a picture of my little chunk...he had his two month check up today and was 12 lbs. 4 oz.!!

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