Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is how I spend a lot of my day...
(Please ignore the fact that my eyes are closed). Anytime I feed Phoenix...which is about every two hours currently...Zadie wants me to hold her too. I can't really do that being limited of hands and we compromise. I put the foot stool up and she (usually) leans back on me and Phoenix. We end up watching a lot of kids shows this way.

And this is what happens when the kids go to bed...
Harely is a 1 person cat, and a Mamma's boy. Sadly, he doesn't get nearly the attention he did even a few months ago! I feel kinda bad for him. If I thought he would truly be happier and well loved in another home I would consider giving him away. Knowing his personality though, I highly doubt he would bond with anyone else or ever be happy with anyone else. He really doesn't even like Brett all that much, and Brett probably cleans his litterbox and feeds him more than I do! For whatever reason, this cat loves me!

Zadie giving Phoenix a kiss...

Z. has been super crabby today...which means she's been crying, whining and hanging on me all day. Let's just say that I'm ready for Brett to get home. That also means that while I got some cute pictures of Phoenix today I didn't get any at all of Zadie. Everytime I whipped out the camera she was crying...or had a pouty look on her face. Maybe I should have taken a picture of that...




Ok, I'm off to try to make it to some of your sites before someone needs fed, or changed or held! icon_laughinghard

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