Monday, April 28, 2008

He's a bit of an Old Soul...

daddy and Phoenix hanging out

...and Zadie? Well, she's a bit more of a New Soul.

Dad and the kids

Me and Phoenix before church yesterday. Yeah...I really don't like the new haircut at all. I'm thinking about cutting it all off into a Pixie cut.

Today is my Lyme appointment down in Colorado Springs. Brett is supposed to go with me and the kids, but he told me late last night that he might not be able to come now. I really hope he can...taking the two kids by myself is doable, but not preferred.
Last night Phoenix slept from 11pm to 6am again. Well, sort of. He was in bed (his crib is next to our bed) but he kept waking up and fussing. It was after 2:30 am before I actually fell asleep. He's still sleeping now at 7:30am. He got up to eat at 6 am and then went back to bed. Ok, I'm off to put diapers together and do whatever else I can before the kids become needy. Uh oh...Zadie just spilled something everywhere. More later!


WileyWagon said...

Do you think you have Lyme disease?

I love of the pictures, I love photography too. :D

About the book you shared, I haven't heard of it...I will need to check it out as well. Thank you for sharing!


Mia and Shua said...

hopefully soon i'll put some post up about couponing...stay tuned!