Saturday, April 12, 2008

happy kids = dirty house

Since today is Saturday it is our house cleaning day. The house is a total drives me nuts but during the week I've realized that I can't do everything. I kept up with laundry (with at least two loads plus a load of diapers every day) but the rest of the house just sort of stayed trashed all week. It's not that I never loaded the dishwasher or picked up, I did! But not enough to actually keep up with all the messes that were made. It's either that or I end up not paying any attention to my kids but having a clean house. I've decided my kids are more important. So those of you friends that drop by and wonder what the heck happened to my house, least you know my kids are loved and have clean clothes. Ha haicon_laughinghard So anyway, weekends are our catch up time with cleaning.

Here are a couple pictures of Zadie and Phoenix...she really loves him, constantly giving him kisses and asking to hold him. I try to never tell her no when she wants to hold him or love on him...even if it means dropping whatever I am doing so that I can help her.



Phoenix do I love this little guy!!

...and yes, in the middle of April we got another snow storm...this is what our courtyard (right outside our window) looked like yesterday!

Ok, I'm off to take a shower and get ready so that I can start cleaning the house...tonight Brett and I have a date night (with no kids!!) so I really want to try to get stuff done before we leave :happy: Hope you are all having a good Saturday!

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