Monday, April 7, 2008

I did it.

I caved. I finally got online and ordered a "Wiggles" dvd for Zadie. Yes, I've always said that my kids wouldn't watch Barney or the Wiggles.'s only because they annoy me personally. But of course we managed to catch a Wiggles episode on the Disney channel a few weeks ago (anything to keep her occupied while I'm feeding Phoenix). And now she's been asking for them non stop. Every morning at 8 am the Wiggles are on...this of course takes care of her need for a Wiggles fix for a few hours, but what about the rest of the day??? I can only hear "Wiggles! Wiggles! Wiggles!" so many times before I'll do anything to shut her up. So I caved. I'm still holding out on Barney though.

I feel like I haven't really updated you (in words) in a long time so I'll do my best to tell you about everything that is going on with us. It might take me awhile to actually get this posted though!

We got our mini van this weekend! I LOVE it. Yes, I van's are not all that cool...but OH THE SPACE! My knees no longer hit the dash. I can reach my child's pacifier when it falls out of his or her mouth! I can cart around the double stroller AND groceries at the same time! It's all so very exciting. It's a 2006 Chrysler Town & Country...Red. Yes, I'm in love with my car.

I think we have settled on a new church. It meets in the local movie theater. We've been about 4 or 5 times and both of us really love it. Zadie gets so excited about going to the nursery...all I have to say is "Zadie, do you want to go play with some kids?" and she runs. She could care less that I'm actually leaving her. My only prayer/want is that Brett would be able to play with the worship band...even if it's only filling in for their Bass player once a month. He LOVES having that as an outlet. When I met him he was playing in a rock band and two worship bands. It's a great destresser for him and also a way for him to start meeting other guys in the church. If you could pray with me about this that would be really awesome!

Zadie and Phoenix are both doing good. I constantly feel sleep deprived, but I'm doing ok. I need to try to go to bed early tonight...

I have a lot of pictures to share with you. I guess I got a little snap happy this weekend :happy:

Zadie was too tired to make it though dinner last night...

My dad with Zadie, Phoenix and Squeak :happy:

The day that Dave left for basic training...

Oh man do I love this little guy!!

Go Army!

While my brother is in basic training (and probably afterwards too) we are sending him funny/cute/silly pictures as postcards. This is the first one that me and Zadie are going to send this week...

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